Kosher Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Kosher Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Kosher restaurants in tel aviv – From the Press:

“Magical inner and outer spaces. The food was so delightful, we will definatelty be back!”

“The food is spiced with plenty of love… If this is not love – I don’t know what is”

“The plates reminded me of my grandmother’s home. The food and atmosphere are magical.”

Regina  – a kosher restaurant in tel aviv, set in a breathtaking Mediterranean building, constructed in the 19th century. The original décor is preserved perfectly, with Heavy iron gates surround by a traditional inner courtyard. The inner courtyard is packed

with plants and flowers, and the rooms design feature chandeliers, old-fashioned shutters and lots of marble – just like in the old days of KOSHER RESTAURANTS IN TEL AVIV.

The fully equipped kosher kitchen is located in one of the rooms, and creates a captivating range of dishes from all corners of the world. from Hungarian goulash, Kreplach soup, salmon delicatessen, avocado salad, and many kosher dishes inspired by the old tel aviv railway station with its Babel of languages and tastes brought by the new immigrants.

kosher restaurant in tel aviv old time kosher restaurant in tel aviv kosher restaurant in tel aviv - back in the day

kosher restaurant in tel aviv Regina’s inspiration starts with a dream – a dream of old times, when this was the central railway station for Israel (Palestine at the time). Immigrants from around the world came in, and trains from Beirut to Damaskus passed through. This was the center of the Israeli “melting pot”‘, and therefore this area produced many fine dishes that helped shape the jewish\israeli kitchen as we know it today.

Kosher restaurant in tel aviv – what’s on the menu?

we offer many treditional dishes along with fusion dishes based on the evolving jewish kitchen. amongst our famous one’s you can find: rustic chopped liver, hungarian goulsh, morocann fish (hraime) and many more.

check out our menu and order your table today:

kosher restaurant in tel aviv appetizers menu

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kosher restaurants in tel aviv – To Coclude:

It doesn’t really matter if you are planning to throw a company event, a birthday or even a wedding at a restaurant. The search for a unique event location with gourmet kosher food in Tel Aviv, shouldn’t be a difficult one.

The owners at Regina’s created the perfect combination of a gourmet kosher restaurants in tel aviv and an event platform.