Tasting menu

Tasting menu winter 2017-2018  (maximum 10 persons per table)

Glass of Kava or cocktail or glass of red/white wine or 30 cl Tuborg draft beer

Appetizers served with frena (Moroccan bread) with olive oil and garlic confi

Roasted eggplant pure tahini and pomegranate seeds (in season)

Cubed pickled beetroot salad with cracked wheat

Regina’s tahini dip

Black lentil salad with cucumber red peppers parsley cilantro mint lemon juice and olive oil

Regina’s chopped liver with a sprinkle of green and red onion

Main course (please choose 2 from the list below)

Traditional Moroccan style cooked Sea Bream in a piquant red sauce with veggies and chickpeas served with red rice

Grilled fillets of spring chicken thigh served with rice, grilled vegetables and tahini

Hungarian Goulash with cooked potato & bay leaves served with white rice

Turkey Shawarma served with Moroccan bread tomato salsa and fries

Savory puff pastry filled with minced meat, spices and pine nuts served with pickle and tomato

Slow cooked Sofrito meatballs eggplant potatoes & Swiss chard comes with rice

Baghdad meatballs in a plum sauce with date honey served with white rice

Seniye meatballs in tahini & vegetables in a hot skillet with za’atar bread and Majadara

Eggplant Mousaka filled with ground meat baked in a savory tomato sauce with green salad

Maklube with chicken eggplant potato and peas in a personal pot with yellow rice

Boneless spring chicken thighs baked and filled with rice dry fruit and pine nuts in a sweet chili soy garlic sauce

Macaroni in a homemade tomato sauce (with or without meat)

Majadara (rice and lentils)with grilled vegetables chick peas and pine nuts

Chubeiza a Persian stew with Jerusalem artichokes mangold cilantro and garlic


Turkish coffee or esspresso or soya milk cappuccino or mint tea

Sorbet in various flavors or chocolate muffin with vanilla ice cream or apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

Price – 175 N.I.S per person (minimum 2 and maximum 10 diners per table)

prices include V.A.T. but do not include service (15% recommended)